"Pathol Sarang" Art Book as an Effort to Preserve Regional Culture for Elementary School Students


  • Andhi Surachman Universitas Muria Kudus, Kudus, Central Java, INDONESIA




Art book, "Pathol Sarang", regional culture, elementary students


Over the last two decades, research on developing a book for students at the elementary level has paid great attention to experts as well as practitioners, but exploring how to create a guideline book based on the regional culture remains unexplored. Pathol Sarang, which was pure traditional art as the identity of Sarang District Central Java, formed a game with cultural, artistic, and sports elements similar to wrestling. It was very popular with the local community from the past to the present; the history of the Pathol Sarang art was only orally explained from generation to generation, without an unequivocal written record of the Pathol Sarang. This study was conducted using the research and development (RnD) approach. The result of the material expert's assessment of this calculation was 94.23%, so the art book was classified in the "excellent" category, meaning very worthy of use. The results of the analysis of the student's assessment were 93.12%. Thus, it was classified in the category of "very good." The teacher's assessment results with this calculation were 87.0%; it belonged to the "good" class with the meaning worthy of being used art book "Pathol Sarang" for elementary school students.



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